What we stand for.

Hemp the Climate is a global alliance and an environmental campaign created to support the ongoing worldwide efforts to destigmatize industrial hemp by promoting the plant as a potent carbon sequestration and soil enhancement tool, while simultaneously stressing the development of hemp for commercial use to create stable circular and bio-economies.

Connecting the principles and practices of regenerative organic agriculture with decades of experience in the hemp industry we have found that there is a direct link, so far not thoroughly investigated between hemp and its potential to mitigate the climate crisis.

We are therefore forming an action-based campaign to get this idea widely recognized and incorporated by farmers, industry stakeholders, policymakers, governments and international organizations working around climate change.

Our team and board members have over 20 years of experience in every step of the hemp production chain. We constantly track current market opportunities and latest developments in the regulatory environment for hemp and other related fields.

Bridging the gap between the rapidly growing hemp industry and the environmental movement.

Our organization serves as a bridge that connects diverse disciplines and endeavours: regenerative and organic agriculture, soil science, hemp agronomy, climate change mitigation, environmental studies, circular and bio-economy, as well as innovative technologies and development of harvesting and processing infrastructure for commercial use of industrial hemp.

Hemp is a traditional plant that has been used by humankind for thousands of years. It is now emerging as a commodity mature enough to not only impact, but possibly revolutionize, tech-driven markets and economies around the world. With its diversified use, hemp offers a surprisingly versatile solution to todays and future challenges.

All the knowledge and data we have about hemp should be used to fulfill the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We believe hemp is an important instrument that can help to make this ambitious plan successful. For reference, check this FAAAT publication for policymakers we helped develop.

We unite a diverse worldwide community of stakeholders who recognize the unique properties of the hemp plant as an agent of ecosystem restoration.
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