Matěj Prokop
Co-Founder & President

Matej is a whole foods consultant, chef, soil advocate, and an avid environmental activist. At Hemp the Climate he oversees the coordination of teams and leads the organization's efforts in introducing hemp as an important asset for climate change mitigation and adaptation. In the past he has worked on regional and international projects across the globe (Spain, Portugal, Nicaragua, USA, Indonesia), as a private chef, opening restaurants and surf resorts. At the moment, his day-to-day focus centers around the topics of food supply chains, bio-economy, regenerative and organic agriculture, soil health, climate change, and whole system design.

Hana Gabrielová
Co-Founder & Vice President

As one of the co-founders, Hana‘s supporting Hemp the Climate with more than 20 years of knowledge, extensive experience and an established network of allies in the hemp industry. Her careeer spans the gamut of policy, NGO and for-profit organizations. She has led advocacy and policy initiatives both in the EU and internationally. She serves as an expert on the European Commission‘s Focus Group on Sustainable Industrial Crops and is also the CEO and founder of Hempoint, a vertically integrated organic hemp farm that works directly with local farmers and contractors in creating a constantly evolving line of hemp food products from farm to shelf.

Juan Mato Paredes
Vice President

Juan is an environmental sustainability consultant with experience in low carbon emission and energy efficiency projects. In Hemp the Climate he‘s taking care of our Member‘s community, and constantly brings new interesting ideas and opportunities to the table. He‘s passionate about bioenergy crops, biomass and all types of non-conventional energy sources. He‘s got extensive experience with design, management and delivery of contamined land assessments, environmental impact assessments and soil remediation projects on a range of industries across various countries.

Gill Wilson
Sustainability Consultant

Gill is a sustainability consultant who works with brands to integrate sustainability into the business with a specific focus on stakeholder engagement and sustainability marketing. She has more than 20 years of experience working in consumer goods, tourism, fashion, and NGOs. Due to her agricultural upbringing, her main areas of interest are regenerative agriculture, biodiversity loss, and nature-based solutions as ways of moving beyond sustainability and reducing business impacts to being regenerative, leaving a positive impact. She believes industrial hemp can play a key role in helping companies reach their climate goals.

Sanford Stein - USA
Environmental Attorney, Cannabis Law

Sanford is a leading authority in the regulated cannabis industry and mainly focuses on government regulations, legislation and business opportunities. He has got broad and far reaching experience in every aspect of legal cannabis law, cannabis policy, environmental law, land use law, urban economic development, renewable energy, government relations and procurement.

Highly skilled in providing business solutions to government problems, permits and regulations. Legislative experience at every level of government. Also skilled in transportation, international trade, international government relations and business development.

Peter Rowan - UK
Strategic Climate Change, Sustainable Financial Management

Peter has been a Green Economist for over 20 years. He worked on the financial side of climate change policy in mitigation, adaptation and risk management with an emphasis on the socially responsible and ethical investments side of things. Other specialities include geopolitics, government policy (international boundary negotiations), project financing, PPP, green bonds, renewable energy and circular economy policy.

He has taken an ever-increasing number of responsible roles over his career for clients such as the United Nations agencies, The World Bank, European Commission and national governments.

Jose Lindo - Spain
Fundraising & Corporate Social Responsability Specialist, Blockchain innovations

Through his career, Jose has worked as a fundraiser and advisor for the United Nations, multiple NGOs and various governments, managing a wide range of campaigns and institutional actions aimed at the preservation and enhancement of natural resources.

Moreover, his innate curiosity with pioneristic mindset have pushed him to experiment with emerging technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality and blockchain, to develop innovative and disruptive solutions aimed at helping communication, visibility and driving of financial resources towards environmental and social oriented projects.

Blanca Bernal - Spain/USA
Greenhouse Gas Accounting & Ecosystem Services Assessment

Blanca is an international expert in carbon and greenhouse gas accounting and ecosystem services assessment. She‘s passionate about developing science-based approaches and tools for stakeholders to better understand the benefits of land use and emissions reduction strategies. She has extensive experience building capacity and providing technical support to over 10 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia on climate change mitigation and adaptation plans.

Blanca is currently working at Winrock International, where she assesses ecosystem services with a particular focus on carbon sequestration, blue carbon, nutrient cycling, and ecosystem response to environmental change.

María José - Spain
Environmental Liability and Sustainability

A geologist with wide experience in phytoremediation, soil erosion ability, contaminated land and environmental liability assessment. María is a coordinator of the Panel of Experts on Soil Protection at the European Federation of Geologists (EFG‘s) . The Panels involve more than 200 experts from over 20 different countries and all aim at emphasising the importance of geology to society, the benefits of incorporating geological advice and to promote the importance of the geoscientific profession. She‘s also a Founding director of a spanish-based a sustainability consulting firm AZENTÚA A.S., that helps businesses and NGO‘s understand the value of natural capital in their decision making.

Rocío Fernández - Spain
Chemical Engineering, Institutional Relations, Climate Policies

Professional chemical engineer with vast experience in climate change, CO2 capture, corporate social responsibility, institutional relations and innovation.

Rocio is currently working as a Climate Change Senior Manager at AZENTÚA where she is leading the coordination of sustainability, climate change and carbon footprint projects, and is responsible for the Environmental Impact Assessment projects in the energy sector. She‘s an experienced leader in institutional relationships and expert on European climate policies.

Kehrt Reyher - USA / Poland
Online Journalism, Media and Marketing Specialist

Kehrt is the founder of HempToday, a media server that provides important global hemp industry news and co-founder of The Nakło Foundation, which supports environmental protection, entrepreneurship and green industry. He is the founder and former President, CEO and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VFP Communications, a B2B media company. He previously worked in the USA at The Providence Journal, The Detroit News and USA Today.

Kenzi Zemouli - France
Interdisciplinary Researcher, Advocate for Sustainable Drug Policies

Focused on action-research as a catalyzer for legal and social changes, Kenzi is particularly involved in studying alternative pathways for cannabis policy reforms, linking international law with local grassroot initiatives. He anchors his work in ethics, human rights aspects, fair trade components, and criteria of sustainability of legally-regulated use, production and marketing of controlled plants, products or substances.

Paul von Hartmann - USA
Cannabis and Climate Change Scholar, Author, Filmmaker

Paul‘s a naturalist, investigative journalist, environmental advocate, filmmaker and biodynamic cannabis farmer. He wrote a book called "Cannabis vs. Climate Change" that introduces novel ecological theories and strategies for healing Earth's atmosphere, soil and hydrologic cycle, through what he calls „a gaiatherapeutic industry“, based in organic hemp agriculture and tying clean energy production to rebalancing of Earth's atmosphere. Paul helped introduce hemp seed nutrition to the UN FAO, through their global food security forum and led multiple cannabis campaigns all over the world.

Hana Hrstková - Czech Republic
Biogea Specialist, Plant Gastronomy Promoter

Hana is Founder of Earth Matters an independent network based think-tank cooperating internationally with institutions, companies and individuals to bring about perspectives and tools or transformative action towards a thriving, just, and environmentally sound society.

Over two decades, she has been delivering international projects in diverse markets, managing sustainability initiatives, market research, communication campaigns, and business education programs. Currently, Hana focuses on propelling biological sustainability through restoration, eco-localism, agro-ecology, and sustainable plant-based gastronomy.

Doug Fine - USA
Author, Journalist, Public Figure, Farmer

Doug Fine as he describes himself, is “a solar-powered goat herder, comedic investigative journalist, and pioneer voice in cannabis/hemp and regenerative farming”. He has cultivated hemp in four US states, with his genetics in five more. In addition, he is an award-winning culture and climate correspondent from five continents (for NPR, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, among others). His previous books include Hemp Bound, Too High to Fail, Farewell, My Subaru (a Boston Globe bestseller), Not really an Alaskan Mountain Man, and First Legal Harvest, a monograph that was printed on hemp paper.

Carl Martel
Independent Scientist, Researcher

Carl Martel is an independent scientist who has been researching in the field of industrial cannabis for over a decade. Carl’s areas of research include plant carbons for energy storage, green extraction solutions and harvesting/processing innovations.

He is the Co-Founder of American Harvest Inc, Natural Design Research Institute in Australia,, and Founder of Advanced Hemp Technologies. His passion is developing processing solutions and products that encourage whole plant utilization including value added products from agricultural waste.

Anndrea Hermann - Canada
Hemp Ambassador, Educator, Entrepreneur

Anndrea is recognized and revered as a true ambassador of the industrial hemp plant, by eating and waring hemp, building with & speaking about hemp while sharing knowledge and inspiring others to do the same. She is the Owner at Hemp Technologies Canada, Director of Inside Sales Hemp Production Services, President at Emeritus & board Hemp Industries Association, Vice President at Emeritus Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, and Founder of iHempRadio. She was the first woman inducted into the Hemp History Hall of Fame (2017), recipient of the HIA Lifetime Achievement Award (2018) and listed on Hemp History Week top 10 advocates (2019).

Pamela Bosch
Artist, Educator, Activist

Pamela Bosch is the Founder of the Highland Hemp House, a model of ecological transition for housing, and a proposition for a post petrochemical economy.

Now an elder, Pamela has identified herself as an artist, educator, and activist; she sees in the hemp plant a material, means, and metaphor to assist humans in re-forming our relationship with nature. The natural gifts of the hemp plant to her are exemplary of the ways that diversity, abundance, and adaptability, when nurtured and shared, can assist in achieving a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable way of living.
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